-80°C Portable Deep Freezer

-80°C Portable Deep Freezer

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This cryogenic freezer from IVYX Scientific can precisely hold temperatures between +25.0°C to -86.0°C, in increments of 0.1°C. It uses a Stirling Engine for cooling instead of a traditional compressor, giving it higher efficiency, lower power consumption, lower weight and a smaller size 
  • ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE: Temperature control from +25.0°C to -86.0°C (+77°F to -121°F) in increments of 0.1°C.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Using a Stirling Engine for cooling, this freezer has higher efficiency, lower power consumption, lower weight and a smaller size compared to a traditional freezer.  It uses on average 70W in steady state when set at -86°C (at 25°C ambient temperature)
  • PORTABLE: Can be carried by one person, with external dimensions of 24x15x17 in and 38lbs
  • CAR CHARGER INCLUDED: Can be powered on the go, using the included DC cable which plugs into a standard 12V or 24V DC car outlet (must be able to output at least 12V/15A or 24V/10A)
  • 25L VOLUME: Interior chamber dimensions of 12x10x12 in
  • PRECISE CONTROL: Microcomputer temperature controller enables precise and accurate temperature control.


Technical Specifications

Temperature +25.0°C to -86.0°C (+77°F to -123°F)
Temp Settings Increments 0.1°C
Cooling Engine Free-piston Stirling Engine
External Dimensions 24x15x17 in (616x392x455 mm)
Internal Dimensions 12x10x12 in (300x250x300 mm)
Weight 38 lbs (17.5 kgs)
Maximum Power 110W
Voltage 110V AC or 12V/24V DC
Steady State Energy 70W (Average Power at -86°C, at 25°C ambient temperature)
Temperature Alarm Over set temperature at +/- 10°C
Insulation High Performance vacuum insulated panels and polyurethane foam
Display Digital Temperature Display
Chamber Material 304 Stainless Steel
Noise <55 dB(A) at 1 meter
Control Sensor One RTD (PT100 Class A)


  User Guide (PDF Format)

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