IVYX Scientific 25L Lab Incubator 2 to 60°C (36 to 140°F)

IVYX Scientific 25L Lab Incubator 2 to 60°C (36 to 140°F)

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This incubator functions both as a cooler and a warmer by means of a thermoelectric (Peltier) system. It works without a compressor and is therefore 100% CFC/HDFC free. Despite its small size, its interior volume is 25L and can accept bottles and flasks up to 2L. Two removable shelves create 3 platforms. The desired temperature is set on the digital LED display, and the incubator immediately starts heating or cooling, while accurately monitoring the temperature inside and displaying it on the LED panel.


The incubator can heat samples up to 60°C while using only 55W at 110V. A temperature gradient is present inside the chamber: the temperature at the top shelf is the set temperature; the middle shelf is 2°C below that; the bottom is 3°C below that (see graph). Within each shelf, the temperature only fluctuates by 0.5°C.


The incubator is able to cool down to 2°C, using only 60W at 110V. Depending on the room temperature and humidity, it may not cool down all the way to 2°C. Again, a temperature gradient is present: the top shelf reaches the preset temperature (lowest is 2°C); the middle shelf is 1°C below that; the bottom shelf is 1°C below that. Within each shelf, the temperature fluctuates by only 0.5°C.


With a small footprint of 15 in x 13 in x 18.5 in, this incubator will not take valuable space while having a roomy 25L (9x14.5x10.5 in) chamber volume.


At only 16 lbs and with a built-in handle, the incubator is easy to move around. A 12V DC car power cord allows the unit to heat or cool your samples on the go.


Small electric devices can be powered inside the incubator chamber, using the optional 110V AC Universal plug (Max 100W), such as LED lights, fans, stirrers.

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