Micropipettes (10 variations covering 0.1μl to 10ml)

Micropipettes (10 variations covering 0.1μl to 10ml)

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IVYX Scientific micropipettes are as accurate and sturdy as the name brand ones, at a fraction of a cost. We have 10 models of adjustable volume micropipette, ranging from 0.1μl to 10ml. The bottom half can be easily removed with the tool supplied and autoclaved to ensure a clean and sterile surface. A digital display clearly reads the current volume setting. 


1. IVYX Scientific Micropipette
2. Calibration tool
3. Removal tool (to remove the bottom half for cleaning). 
4. User guide
5. Micropipette holder
6. One tip
7. Quality control certificate
8. Small vial of silicon grease (use after cleaning)


All our pipettes accept universal-sized pipette tips. You may buy them from this website here

  • 0.1-2.5μl and 0.5-10μl micropipettes use 10μl tips.
  • 2-20μl, 5-50μl, 10-100μl, 50-200μl micropipettes use 100μl or 200μl tips.
  • 100-1000μl, 200-1000μl micropipettes use 1000μl tips.
  • 1000-5000μl micropipettes use 5ml tips.
  • 2-10ml micropipettes use 10ml tips.


All pipettes have been quality tested according to ISO8655/DIN12650. The quality control according to ISO ISO8655/DIN12650 involves gravimetric testing of each micropipette with distilled water (quality 3, DIN ISO 3696) at 22°C using the manufacturer's original tips. Each pipette is easy to calibrate and maintain with the tool supplied. 



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