Short Path Distillation Set

Short Path Distillation Set

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  • Complete Short Path Distillation set including 2L Heating mantle with magnetic stirrer, 2L Flask, distillation condenser, receiving flask and cold trap set
  • Includes 31 items (list in Product Description)
  • High Quality Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass BORO 3.3 with excellent chemical durability and low thermal expansion, great thermal resistance a high light transmission
  • 2L Heating Mantle Magnetic Stirrer, 450W Heating Power, Room Temperature to 300°C
  • Glassware comes in a protective foam case to ensure safe shipping


1x 24/40 2000ml, 2-neck Round Bottom Flask
1x Fractional Distillation Head with Vacuum Port
1x 24/40 Thermometer Adapter
1x 24/40 1000ml Receiving Flask
1x 24/40 250ml Distillation Cow Receiver
3x 24/40 250ml Round Bottom Flask
1x British Iron Stand 250*160mm
1x Chain Clamp Clamping diameter 40-145mm
1x Lab Stand 304stainless steel lifting platform 100*100mm
5x GL-14 Connectors
6x #24 Plastic Clips
1x 2000ml Heating Mantle, 450W, Room Temperature to 300?C
1x 24/40?Cold Trap
1x 14/20 Thermometer Adapter
1x White Bosshead 16mm
1x Iron Ring Paint 100mm
1x 1000-3000ml Cork Ring
1x 250ml Cork Ring

SiO2 Content: > 80%
Strain Point: 520°C
Annealing Point: 560°C
Softening Point: 820°C
Refractive Index: 1.47
Light Transmission (2mm): 0.92
Elastic Modulus: 67 KNmm-2
Tensile Strength: 40-120 Nmm-2
Glass Stress Optical Coefficient: 3.8x10-6 mm2/N
Processing Temperature (104 dpas): 1220°C
Linear Coefficient of Expansion (20-300°C): 3.3x10-6 K-1
Density (20°C): 2.23 gcm-1
Specific Heat: 0.9 jg-1K-1
Thermal Conductivity: 1.2 Wm-1K-1
Hydolytic Resistance (ISO 719): Grade 1
Acid Resistance (ISO 195): Grade 1
Alkali Resistance (ISO 695): Grade 2
Thermal Shock Resistance Rod 6x30mm: 300°C

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