Lab Overhead Mixer Stirrer with Adjustable Speed 100-1500 RPMs

Lab Overhead Mixer Stirrer with Adjustable Speed 100-1500 RPMs

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The OHS series of laboratory overhead mixers are small powerful mixers capable of stirring liquids to a precise rotation speed from 100 RPMs up to 1500 RPMs. A digital LED display clearly indicates the current rotation speed. Each mixer comes with a sturdy metal stand, rod, and beaker holder.


  • POWERFUL MIXER: 200W motor can precisely mix between 100 to 1500 RPMs, in increments of 50 RPMs.
  • 4 BLADE IMPELLER: Includes a metal 4 bladed impeller to ensure quick and thorough mixing
  • BEAKER CLAMP: The included beaker clamp tightly holds large beakers in place
  • METAL STAND INCLUDED: Includes a strong metal stand and metal rods to securely hold the motor and beaker clamp
  • LED DISPLAY: Large LED display clearly shows the current rotation speed


  • Speed Control Range: 100-1500 RPM
  • Speed Setting Increments: 50 RPM
  • Power Supply Voltage: AC 110V 60Hz
  • Power: 200W

Overhead stirrer motor
Four-blade impeller
Metal stand
Metal rods
Support for motor on metal rod
Beaker clamp holder
Drillchuck lock (to remove or tighten the impeller)
Power cord

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