Warranty and Product Support

We take pride in offering high quality science equipment at IVYX Scientific. All our products are covered by warranty for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship. If you encounter issues with our product, please contact us at support@ivyxscientific.com. We aim to answer within 24 hours and will do our best to help you out. If we are unable to fix your problem we will send you a replacement unit free of charge. 

User Guides in PDF format:

Micropipettes (10 variations covering 0.1μl to 10ml)Micropipettes (PDF link)     

IVYX Scientific 5L Laboratory Incubator 0°C to +55°C (32 to 131°F)5L Incubator (PDF link

25L Incubator (PDF link)   

 Digital Lab Water Bath (PDF link

8L Recirculating Lab Water Bath8L Recirculating Lab Water Bath (PDF link)

  -80 °C Portable Deep Freezer (PDF link

Glass Bead Lab Sterilizer 100-300°C (212-572°F) 0-100 HrsGlass Bead Sterilizer (PDF link)

-20°C Portable Lab Sample Freezer and Refrigerator (PDF link)

Analytical Balance Lab Scale 220g / 0.0001g (PDF link)

 Dry Bath Incubator (PDF link)

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