Serological Pipette Controller

Serological Pipette Controller

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The Levo Pipette Controller can be used with glass or plastic pipettes to facilitate the pipetting of a wide range of liquids. Pipettes within the volume range of 0.1 mL to 100 mL will fit its adapter. If the instrument is correctly used, the liquid comes into contact with the pipette only.



  1. Place a plastic or glass serological pipette into the silicone adapter and squeeze the bulb.
  2. To draw the liquid, simply press up the lever. To discharge the liquid, press down the lever.
  3. Press the central blow-out button to evacuate any remaining drops.


  • The conical silicone adapter offers a secure fit for most plastic and glass pipettes from 0.1 to 100 mL
  • Includes a 3um replaceable hydrophobic filter, prevents contamination
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Precise pipetting control
  • Robust and lightweight
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